My Story


Hello there.

Welcome to The Honest Spoon! My name is Jennifer. I'm here to share my simple approach to cooking, baking, and entertaining.

I grew up in a traditional home, in Southern California, where Italian was my first language. My mother spent a lot of time in the kitchen and I was always there helping.  If you combined every stereotypical Italian-American movie scene, it would be a good insight to how I grew up. Imagine a lot of parties, a lot of food, a lot of chatting (really just yelling over each other), and comparing notes on desserts (but NEVER giving your recipe). Essentially a party or two or four every weekend of your life. In retrospect, that was tactical training for the entertaining, baking, and cooking machine I've become. Also, I've mastered one amazing skill... I can imitate my Mom's Italian accent like it's nobody's business.  That's right, Dooooon jealous.....!

A few years ago we had an AMAZING opportunity to move from Southern California to Vermont. People thought we were crazy. I mean, it's freaking winter for half the year there! But, you know what?  Living in Vermont felt like we were living in s storybook.  Have you seen pictures of Fall in Vermont? MIND BLOWING. Summers spent on the lake, riding bikes on a tree lined bike paths. RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. We had the BEST neighbors, people were friendly, welcoming and so very kind. Living there, I uncovered something about myself that I didn't really know existed....I'm kind of outdoorsy. Who knew?

We now live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When I am not working, making macarons, cooking, or cleaning I am OUTSIDE. If it's raining, you'll find me grabbing a coffee downtown or checking out a new restaurant with my husband and two boys (#boymom for the win). Otherwise, we are hiking or camping. My husband swears he only does the camping thing to humor me....but I don't believe it. I mean, really, it's GLORIOUS here! Look at him gazing at that waterfall. 

Since I do work quite a bit, I am passionate about keeping my home life simple so I can enjoy my family. But I keep the ingredients minimal and the method simple. If a recipe has more than a handful of ingredients I generally don't touch it. You can get a lot of flavor out of a few ingredients! What I am trying to tell you ....this blog is for real people in real life situations. Simple recipes and methods for everyone. 

Thanks for checking out my blog. If you have any questions, message me (envelope icon below)! You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest  for new blog posts, cooking, baking, and entertaining ideas. Look forward to seeing you there!

Thank You.